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Life imitates nature with these custom, hand-made, one of a kind nesting bowls, which are just as beautiful as a set or individually. A raw porcelain natural white exterior with a warm white glaze and sea glass crackle interior. Handcrafted with love in Bay Head, New Jersey. Food safe. Available in 2″  7″, 13″, 15″, 20″ or as a set.

NOTE: these are one of a kind, made to order. Slight variations will exist in terms of actual size and specific finish however the images provided are followed closely.

DIMENSIONS: 2″ 7″, 13″, 15″, 20″ and set of all five.

  • Handcrafted from Porcelain Clay
  • Food Safe
  • Made to Order
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“I am interested in the small interactions of everyday life surrounding mealtime, the relationships these actions facilitate, and their link to deeper cultural traditions. I find endless inspiration from the coastal environment that surrounds me, my own cultural heritage, and in the baking and breaking of bread.”

— Alexandra Vaga

We are so pleased and honored to be able to call Alexandra a friend. From her studio in the 100 year old historic Applegate Hardware Store, Alexandra creates usable works of art that are sure to be handed down from generation to generation.

She and her life partner create these works of art that are inspired by nature. Their love of the ocean has resulted in this “Atlantic” collection. Crushed sea glass delivers tones of the sea water into your home in an array of nested bowls ranging from 2” to as large as 2o inches in diameter.

One of a Kind
These are one of a kind pieces made for each recipient. The general specifications and imagery is seen above however please understand you will receive your own unique pieces along the lines of the images and they will be true collector’s pieces. Sizes vary but are approximated in your order.

The Ocean, Sun and Sea are Their Muse.
Finish and Glaze are specialties that you will rarely see like these. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Barnegat Bay the studio is filled with natural light, salty breezes from the ocean, and reflections of the sunset off the Scow Ditch directly out the back door.

Concierge Order Service
These nested bowls are being offered as limited editions and the sun will set on this offering once sold out or when the sun sets at the official end of the Summer. All orders for these specially crafted pieces will receive a “concierge call” by our specialists to be sure the details of your order are clearly communicated to the artist.


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